Sultan Chand Covid Support Scholarship 2021

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Shri Sultan Chand Trust, New Delhi registered in 1988 (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Trust’), offers scholarships to Indian students under the Sultan Chand COVID Support Scholarship Program 2021. This initiative of Shri Sultan Chand Trust will support students who are left with little or no support for their higher education owing to the covid-led crisis in their families.

The Scholarships are being offered to pursue either Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree at any College / Institute / University-based anywhere in India.

The Trust believes that education is the only tool that can bridge the socio-economic divide among the Society. The Trust has launched this Scholarship Program to ensure that the educational journey of any student shall not be halted due to the non-availability of Funds due to COVID. The Trust believes that through this Scholarship Program it shall be able to participate in the creation of a better Country.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Student/Candidate must fulfill the below criteria to apply under the abovesaid Scholarship Program. Every person meeting the below eligibility criteria may apply under the program irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion, race, or language.

  1. Age and Nationality: The Student/Candidate must be an Indian National and must be under the age of 25 years in case of Scholarship is being applied for Bachelor’s Degree and 30 years in case scholarship is being applied for Master’s Degree as on 30th June 2021.
  2. Students who have been through any of the below two crisis situations
    1. Students who lost their parent(s)/ earning family member since January 2020, OR
    1. Students whose earning family member lost their job/employment during COVID pandemic

Documents required

The Applicants must have the following self-attested documents ready at the time of applying online for this scholarship and after selection, self-attested hard copies of the same need to be sent:

  1. Identity Proof of the student and Parents – PAN (if available), Birth Certificate and Aadhar Card of the student, and also the PAN, Aadhar Card and Voter ID of the Parents.
  2. In case of Death of Parent(s) or earning member(s):
    • Proof of Covid death — Death must be certified as COVID death (as per MHA data) or death within one month of testing COVID positive and verified by Health Department as Covid death.
    • Death Certificate of parent(s) or earning member(s).
  3. Documents establishing relationship between deceased & applicant
  4. Academic Marksheet/School certificate for academic excellence of class 10th and 12th from the recognised Board.
  5. Admission Letter of the college where admission is sought
  6. Fee document from college
  7. Bank Details of the college (Fees will be remitted to the College Bank Account ONLY)
  8. Passport size photograph

Governing Principles of the Program:

  1. The Trust shall endeavour to grant maximum possible scholarships to needy students under this Program.
  2. The Trust shall not accept/reject any applications on the basis of caste, creed, colour, religion, race or language.
  3. The Trust reserves the absolute right to accept/reject the application as per the standards prescribed under its policy.
  4. The decision of the Trust shall be final and binding.
  5. The Trust may take necessary steps to verify the documents being submitted by the Student/Candidate to ensure the genuineness of the academic documents, income certificate etc.
  6. The Trust shall obtain required documents as mentioned in Point 4 above and academic documents (Marksheet and certificate from the school/college/institute) for Class 10th, 12th and Bachelor Degree (in case of Post Graduate Courses) from Student/Candidate to consider their candidature under the program.
  7. The Student/Candidate must submit his/her academic report along with marks/grades secured periodically to enable the Trust to ascertain the continuance of the Scholarship for further years. Non-compliance with this condition will result in revocation of the Scholarship being granted to the Student/Candidate.
  8. If the student drops out from the course voluntarily, he/she will have to reimburse the scholarship amount to Shri Sultan Chand Trust, as may have been paid by the Trust till the date of his/her drop.
  9. In case any student(s)/candidate submitted any fraudulent or fake or forged certificates, income certificate and/or other records then the Trust shall reserve its right to take necessary legal action in such cases.
  10. The Trust shall communicate the Selection of the Student(s)/Candidate(s) once the complete application was received along with all annexures.
  11. On successful selection under the Scholarship Program and before the disbursal of Scholarship amount, the student/candidate will have to furnish an “Undertaking” to the Trust mentioning that he/she shall not be applying and will not take any other scholarship from any third party”.
  12. The Trust shall deposit the scholarship amount directly into the Bank Account of college /institution/university after the student submits the admission letter from the college/Institute/University along with its bank details. Under no circumstances, the amount shall be remitted to the personal account of any Student/Candidate or their relatives. Moreover, the student/candidate must furnish the self-attested copy of the fee receipt to the trust within 7 working days of payment of fees to the college/institute/university.
  13. The Trust shall endeavour to remit the funds to the College/Institute/University within a period of 10 working days from the date the Student/Candidate submits the required admission letter with bank details etc.

Dispute Resolution:

To ensure the timely and economical resolution of disputes that arise in connection with this Scholarship Program, the Trust agree that any disputes, claims, or causes of action arising from or relating to the enforcement, breach, performance, or interpretation of this Policy document by a penal appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Trust.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This Scholarship Program shall be construed, interpreted, and applied according to and shall be governed by the laws applicable in India. The courts at Delhi shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any dispute or proceeding arising out of or concerning this Scholarship Program.


Notwithstanding any contained in the Policy the Trust, its Trustees, officers, employees, representatives, etc. shall not be held liable:

  1. In case the Trust could not grant Scholarship to any Student(s)/Candidate(s) on account of any reason whatsoever.
  2. In case the admission of any Student/Candidate is rejected/cancelled for non-remittance of Scholarship Fee.

Notwithstanding anything contained above, the Student(s)/Candidate(s) while applying for the Scholarship agrees that this Scholarship program is purely voluntarily on the part of the Trust and no right is being created on the Trust or any of its properties of any sort against the said application. If any of the Student(s)/Candidate(s) do not agree with the above condition, they must not apply. The Student(s)/Candidate(s) further agrees that in case their application is rejected or the Scholarship Amount cannot be deposited due to any reason then they shall not claim any sort of damages or relief in a court of law.

How To Apply

Kindly press the “APPLY NOW” and you will be redirected to a link for scholarship application


  1. Sultan Chand trust doing very well job for poor students, it’s really amazing and we pray God bless always with him.

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