Scholarship Endowment Fund

  1. The Endowment Fund shall be called as Sultan Chand Draupadi Devi Memorial Scholarship Endowment/ Shri Sultan Chand Memorial Scholarship Endowment/ Usha Aggarwal Trust Scholarship Endowment and the selected students will be called “Sultan Chand Draupadi Devi Memorial Scholars/ Shri Sultan Chand Scholars/ Tejaswani Scholars
  2. The Scholarship Endowment Fund is to be placed in Fixed Deposit in a Public Sector Bank yielding interest income payable on quarterly basis.
  3. The interest earned from the bank fixed deposit shall be utilised for the award of scholarship for the respective period. It shall be awarded in the beginning of the semester of the programme.
  4. The programmes covered under the endowment may include both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), MBA, M.Com., M.A. The students securing the highest marks in these programmes to be awarded scholarship for the subsequent semester based on the performance of the previous semester.
  5. The criteria for award of scholarship should be that the selected student(s) should secure highest percentage of marks in all the papers any of the course(s) as mentioned above. If in any semester, two students have secured equal number of marks, the value of the scholarship shall be divided equally among them.
  6. In case the student securing the highest percentage of marks in the programme is in receipt of any other scholarship or is unwilling to accept this scholarship, the same shall be awarded to the next eligible candidate strictly by merit
  7. If a student has been awarded this scholarship and he also accepts any other scholarship/financial assistance from any other source, then he/she shall be required to surrender the scholarship and also refund the amount received from the date of acceptance of other scholarship/financial assistance.
  8. In case the student discontinues the studies then the scholarship will also be discontinued with immediate effect. It may then be awarded for the remaining period to another eligible student by merit.
  9. Any interest amount accumulated in the Endowment Fund, unutilised in any year shall be carried forward to the corpus of the Endowment Fund.
  10. The payment of the scholarship amount will be made to the student on presentation of certificate to the effect that during the period he/she was not in receipt of any other scholarship of financial assistance from any other source.
  11. A report of the award of Scholarship will be furnished to the donor each time. It may contain Full name and address of the topper, Total marks secured with details of all subjects and marks secured, contact details and books being used by the student for the course.

Kindly provide your requirement along with your latest College Prospectus, Department-wise Faculty List with email id and Annual Report of your College.