Book Bank Fund

Free Books for college students

Under the Book Bank Scheme, “FREE BOOKS” will be provided for the educational institution library.
For the last two decades, Sultan Chand Foundation has distributed approximately 50 lakhs of free books.
Likewise Book Bank fund, Sultan Chand Foundation also runs a Scholarship Program as well for economically
weak students who wish to pursue higher studies.

Eligibility criteria for Book Bank Fund are as mentioned below:

The books need to enter into the records of the Institutional library.

The books provided to the institutional library will bear the stamp of the Trust.

The institution accordingly has to provide full particulars of the book names, author’s
name, Publisher, quantity, and price of the books required for the library under the
above scheme along with their latest College Prospectus, Department-wise Faculty List
, and Annual Report of the College.

Requested books have to be “Indian Publications and Editions” only and no request for
foreign publications will be accepted.

Once we hear from the institute, we will send a comprehensive list of books which
contains books mainly in Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Law, Economics,
Mathematical Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, etc, authored by eminent Indian Teachers
and Professors of reputed Indian Universities.